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    Exception Occured when re-deploy application

    KT KT Newbie

      Hi all,
      I have an application deployed into JBoss 4.0, everytime when i redeploy the application, it will crashed. But when i restart my JBoss, the application will be working again.

      The exception thrown out when i re-deploy the application :
      11:05:55,440 WARN [MapperListener] Error registering Context jboss.web:J2EEApplication=none,J2EEServer=none,j2eeType=WebModule,name=//localhost/finet
      ReflectionException: Cannot find method findMappingObject with this signature Cause: java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: org.apache.commons.modeler.BaseModelMBean.findMappingObject()
      at org.apache.commons.modeler.BaseModelMBean.invoke(BaseModelMBean.java:490)

      Fyi, the application is working properly until I include jbpm as the Business Process Workflow Engine.

      Can anyone give me some hints what's wrong here?