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    Separating configurations, different ports...

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      I ve got an EAR file, with some EJB Modules and two Web Modules.

      Is there any simple way to separate the Web Modules to run on different ports?

      E.g. something like this:
      1. http://myhost:8080/externals-url
      2. http://myhost:9090/internals-url

      Why I want it like this?
      Well, actully its just a security issue. I want in my firewall block all incoming requests on port 9090. And only accept requests on port 8080.

      Do I need two JBoss (server) instances to be run?
      Is there any simpler way to achieve this ?
      I want as simple as to controll the incoming request with a higher security bar, using such as firewall filters etc.

      The internals-web application shall not be available for un-specified computers (IP/Network)...

      Thank you!