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    Deployment problem when moving from Weblogic to Jboss 4.0.1

    Sudarsan Rajagopalan Newbie

      Hi -

      I am facing problem in deploying 2 applications (war files) in JBoss 4.01 when moving from weblogic 8.1. These two applications are web application without EJB. It simply has java classes,JSP,servlet including struts implementation. Brief description about these applications...

      Application 1 : This simple application in a separate war files which will render header and footer sections on the JSP webpages using JSP,Servlets and struts.
      Application 2: This application render the body (contents) on the JSP webpages and this is in separate war file.

      These applications are working fine together in the weblogic environment but they are not working in the JBoss 4.0.1 environment. However, they are working independently. i.e., I could see the webpages from the relavant application if I deploy either Application1.war or Application2.war and not together.

      Both the applications are using common component (say something like common.jar) which is used to load configuration files, accessing DB etc..and this common.jar is used by various applications and all of them are working in weblogic environment. So, each application would have its own bootstrap config, class directory configuration etc., but it seems that JBoss is not looking into specifc application and not loading some of the configuration from the application directory. On the deployment side, I have noticed that JBoss has exploded all the files and directories from each of the war files under the respective war file name.

      Application 2 is working based on some configuration in the application 2/config/ directory but It looks JBoss is trying to look in the applilcation 1/config/ directory and finally throwing error saying that the configuration was not found which is specific to application 2 code. Also, there would be files with same name in the application1.war file and application2.war since both the applications are using same common files (common.jar). I tried by deploying one first and another last, specifying <context-root> but no success in Jboss.

      Am I missing anything? Any help would be highly appreciated.

      Thanks in advance!