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    Help: got NoInitialContextException after using 3.2.6

    davidchen Newbie

      Hi, there:

      After upgrading to jboss3.2.6 (from 2.4.8), to run our jar application (java -jar app.jar), I got that NoInitialContextException:

      javax.naming.NoInitialContextException: Need to specify class name in environmen
      t or system property, or as an applet parameter, or in an application resource f
      ile: java.naming.factory.initial

      in my app.jar file the class-path is set as:
      Class-Path: jaxp.jar crimson.jar jboss-j2ee.jar jboss-client.jar jboss-jaas.jar jbosssx-client.jar jboss-common.jar jnp-client.jar log4j.jar jbossmq-client.jar jh.jar concurrent.jar jboss-transaction.jar jndi.properties log4j.properties

      If I overwrite jnp-client.jar with old 2.4.8 version, it can find the InitialContext without any problem. So, just wonder, my class-path must set wrong, could anyone please tell me the problem? or did I miss some jboss jar files in my classpath?

      Highly appreciated any help and thanks a lot in advance.