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    Problem with a4j:poll (browser differences??) Please Help!

    cbrautigam Newbie

      Hi all, I'm a newbie to ajax4jsf. I'm having a problem with the poll tag. I am trying to build a page that will update a table with new data every 10 seconds. In the poll tag I'm calling a method on the managed bean that updates the datamodel for the datatable that I'm trying to update. I've noticed that if I use the Konqueror web browser, my page works just as I want...Every 10 seconds my managed bean method gets called and my table is updating just as I would expect.

      If I use IE 6 or firefox 1.5, my managed bean method only gets called once, and then never again. I tried popping a javascript alert on the on Submit of the a4j:poll tag and I see that every 10 seconds my alert is getting called in both IE and firefox, but not request is getting submitted to the server.

      So that makes me think the browser is caching and not actually submitting the request to the server.... But again the same page works fine in Konqueror.

      In the past with other ajax issues I've put a hidden property in the form, and tried updating it with the current date before each request goes out to the server, to fool the browser into thinking its a new request each time....but that strategy hasn't worked for this poll tag issue I'm having.

      I looked through and tried most all of the attributes of the a4j:poll tag and nothing seems to work.

      Does this seem a like a browser caching problem? Is there some flag or attribute to alleviate this either in the a4j:poll tag or in the config for ajax4jsf? I really need to get this working soon, and help would be greatly appreciated.