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    GWT -> JSF component library

    Mikael Grev Newbie


      Would it be at all possible to, maybe with g4jsf, do a full conversion from a normal GWT component to a JSF component that is to be used as a component in a component library in a visual editor such as Eclipse or NetBeans?

      The problem that I see is that there seem to must be an outer "<gwt:page ...>" tag, something that is hard to dictate from a snap in JSF component.

      Or, have I misunderstood this?

      IMO it would be a killer feature if one could create a GWT component and get it as a pure snap in JSF component for free.

      Mikael Grev

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          Rob Jellinghaus Novice

          Hello Mikael. That would indeed be a killer feature. It is possible that GWT 1.4 makes this more feasible.

          Originally, the main problem was that GWT required its script tags to be in a meta tag in the page header, which is what forced gwt:page to be the outermost tag. GWT 1.4 has rearranged the script loading logic, so it is possible that this is no longer necessary, but I'm not sure.

          I am sorry that I have had no time to work on g4jsf since July or so, and as far as I know no JBoss staff are currently working on it in any way. Any collaboration you had time for would be greatly appreciated, as it is cool technology and I would not like to see it become obsolete. But see my other post just now for issues that Seam 2 has now added to the pile :-(