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    JBoss Custom Application loader

    Sandipan Basu Newbie

      I dont know whether this is the right forum to post the question or not.

      My question is :
      Can I write a custom class loader in JBoss App server ? My basic requirement is to write a custom application loader with will first load some jar files from some remote machine and then will be loading the application. This jar files should not be made visible by any other application deployed in the JBoss server. The class loader should also be a component of the application itself.

      Say for example : The application name is "App1".

      Ideal scenario
      1) JBoss boots up
      2) It tracks all the applications
      3) Reads some conf (or xml file) to trace the class loader name from App1
      4) Adds the class loader to the Loader Repo
      5) When JBoss feels it should load the applications i.e application loading step comes, it should detect that there is a custom loader associated to the application App1 and transfers control to it.The loader will load accordingly.

      I really have no idea how this can be achieved. But if app servers provides extension to there class loader repo then each application can have their custom loaders if needed.

      Any suggestion would be highly appreciated.

      suggestion can also be fwd to : sandipan.basu@gmail.com