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    JBoss under configuration management

    Thomas Quas Newbie


      I put a JBoss server under version control, meaning I checked the entire package in into our Subversion repository. Besides others, one major benefit is that this helps us to track config changes.

      Now, I'm running into trouble with JBoss' hot deployment feature: the server fails to boot. I guess this happens because deploy/.svn holds copies of the JAR files which the deplopyer wants to pick up.

      I couldn't find a way to tell JBoss to ignore deploy/.svn/. Is there a way to configure the 'filter' in jboss-service.xml accordingly?

      Switching off hot deployment is not an option!



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          Scott Stark Master

          You would have to provide a custom DeploymentFilter implementation to filter out:

           <!-- The Filter specifies a java.io.FileFilter for scanned
           directories. Any file not accepted by this filter will not be
           deployed. The org.jboss.deployment.scanner.DeploymentFilter
           rejects the following patterns:
           "#*", "%*", ",*", ".*", "_$*", "*#", "*$", "*%", "*.BAK",
           "*.old", "*.orig", "*.rej", "*.bak", "*,v", "*~", ".make.state",
           ".nse_depinfo", "CVS", "CVS.admin", "RCS", "RCSLOG", "SCCS",
           "TAGS", "core", "tags"
           <attribute name="Filter">org.jboss.deployment.scanner.DeploymentFilter</attribute>

          It would be as simple as:
          import org.jboss.deployment.scanner.DeploymentFilter;
          public class MyDeploymentFilter extends DeploymentFilter
           public DeploymentFilter()

          We need to externalize the suffixes of the default DeploymentFilter so that this is simple to configure. There is a feature request for this:

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            Thomas Quas Newbie

            Thanks, Scott, for the quick response. I appreciate you putting a feature request in Jira. Could you please give a rough estimate when this will be available? I'm asking because we don't have any JBoss customization code yet, and integration-wise I'd prefer not to open that can at the moment.

            Would it be an option to add '.svn' to the current implementation of org.jboss.deployment.scanner.DeploymentFilter and roll this feature out with the next release of JBoss before going for the freely configurable solution? I guess this would save us both some time.

            Thanks again,

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              Thomas Quas Newbie

              Ok, I was a little too quick with my judgement. It wasn't JBoss' fault. The DeploymentFilter implementation already has support for filtering out files starting with a '.'--obviously, '.svn' is a match here.

              I forwarded the problem to the Subversion group. At the current stage, I can say that there seems to be a difference between importing/adding large binaries over svn+ssh:// and file://. The latter worked for me, whereas the former caused the trouble.

              Sorry for the inconvenience.