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    jboss_init_suse.sh jnet.jar [JBoss_4_0_1_SP1 with JVM 1.4.2_

    Gregory Baboolal Newbie

      I wanted to (timidly) edit the jboss_init_suse.sh so that it would run as a service on SuSE 9.1, but I got stumped when it asked for the classpath for the shutdown class, because I can't confirm that the target exists ?

      I saw mention that it is not needed with JVM 1.4.2_x but how would linux know that, i.e. would it cause an error during start up ?

      I would also like to specify the user as wwwrun instead of jboss, i.e. just use the same user and permissions already assigned to (Apaches) wwwrun, any problems with doing that....

      This going to be my first attempt at running a run-level configuration script, I assume just running the script will actually do the job ? I'm just concerned that if something goes kaput, then I have spend time figuring out how to correct it.... anybody had any experiences doing this lot with SuSE (9.1)