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    Differences between 4.0.0 and 4.0.1

    David Sills Newbie

      I've carefully read the descriptions of the differences between 4.0.0 and 4.0.1. I understand (though I'm sorry to see) that the 4.0.0 default configuration is not being regularly maintained through minor or bug-fix releases, and that 4.0.0's standard configuration (renamed back to default, which is thoroughly confusing--oughtn't it to have been the other way around?) is instead replacing it. While the efficiencies of the latter are no doubt considerable, I would like to understand in a practical way the steps to change an arbitrary 4.0.x configuration of JBoss to use the same classloader architecture and stovepiping of applications as the 4.0.0 default version does. This is _not_ included in the documentation, in so far as I can see.

      I have, in particular, after going through many configuration files, identified two changes in the EAR deployer (deploy/ear-deployer.xml) that seem to cut to the heart of the difference. The attributes of this MBean "Isolated" and "CallByValue" are set to true for 4.0.0 default:

      <attribute name="Isolated">true</attribute>
       <attribute name="CallByValue">true</attribute>

      and are set to false for 4.0.1 default (and for 4.0.0 standard).

      Here's what I'm hoping someone can answer: are these changes (setting these two attributes to true) the only changes that need to be made to enable the classloader architecture and stovepiping of applications characteristic of the 4.0.0 default configuration? Are there other changes in other files that must be coordinated with these changes to achieve this end?

      Many thanks for any and all thoughts on this matter.

      David Sills