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    JNDI Access from Worker (JCA) Thread

    mskonda Apprentice

      Hello Guys
      There's a bizare problem with my JNDI Lookup: I create a serialized object and bind it to global jndi space (using a utlility program).

      In my Worker thread, all I have to do is to retrieve this Object (the name is obtained from the ActivationSpec) by looking up in the jndi space. Unfortunately when I use lookup methods, I was not getting any response. Infact I can't get the statement(System.out) after lookup printed out. I am able to see the bound Object via JNDIView and also able to retrieve using the above utility program.

      Context ctx = new InitialContext();
      System.out.println(" looking up");// this prints out
      XX a = (XX)ctx.lookup("x/xx");
      System.out.println(" ...."); // this never prints out.

      I wouldn't want to think of passing Properties as the Worker thread is in the same address space of App Server.

      Any thoughts? Am I missing some obvious?