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    FileNotFound errors

    Josh Smith Newbie

      Using JAXB to generate a XML doc from a object model. Need to then turn that XML doc into a WordML document using a server side XSL transformtion. Have the XSl working fine, but I can't seem to get around the "FileNotFound" error. I have ensured that the XSL file is located in the classpath.
      It's located in


      Here's what I am using the create the file.
      File xsltfile = new File("com/test/util/xsl/testFile2Word.xsl");
      File xsltfile = new File("/com/test/util/xsl/testFile2Word.xsl");
      File xsltfile = new File("./com/test/util/xsl/testFile2Word.xsl");
      File xsltfile = new File("../com/test/util/xsl/testFile2Word.xsl");

      None of the above entries have worked.

      I know this should be simple, and I have done it lots of times in the past, but never on JBoss (3.2.3). So that makes me think that either I am making some simple mistake (and I have just stared at it to long to notice) or there is some trick to doing this on JBoss that I don't know.

      Any help is appreciated.