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    NoClassDefFoundError in the verification of a deployed ear

    Daniel Or Newbie

      I got several utility jars in an ear that are referenced from several ejb-jars.
      I have tried different combinations of the following:

      1. Add the utility jar to the current configuration lib dir (i.e default/lib or standard/lib).
      2. Declare the jar as a java module in the application.xml of the ear.
      3. Adding it to the ejb-jars 'Class-Path' entry in the manifest.
      4. Run using 'run -c standard'.

      The same ear runs fine under JBoss 3.2.1 (as I understood the 'run -c standard' option is ought to be equivalent to it from class loading perspective).

      I'll be thankfull for any clue.
      Does anyone know where can I find an example ear ?