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    JBoss Ports Firewall

    Oliver Bruns Newbie


      I have some basic questions which I did not found on the docu and forum.
      (on the forum many questions but no answers)
      Which Ports are needed with a particular configuration?

      Example 1:
      JNDI over HTTP

      I configured it and Port 8080 and 4444 (RMIObjectPort) are needed. (it runs perfectly)
      I searched at the forum and one person posted, that only JNDI is able to be tunneld over HTTP. RMI not.
      Is it true?

      Example 2:
      JNDI over HTTPS

      I configured it and there are a couple of ports that are needed.

      My basic question:

      Is it possible, that all communication between client and server (JNDI + RMI) is tunneled over 1 port?
      I found "http://www.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=UsingJBossBehindAFirewall", but this is "just" a summary.

      The second question:

      Do I have to change the deployment descriptors?
      On the JBoss Docu, there is a section about "HTTP-Invoker".
      When do I need them. (I found how to use, but not why is it needed)

      I searched pages and paged on this forum, but many question about this configuration-issue are unanswered.

      Any answer or link to a document would be appreciated.

      Best regards,