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    -Djboss.bind.address=xxx.xx.xx.xx is completely ignored

    trackingroi.com Newbie

      Hello everyone. I'm sure this is a problem many others have had and I've searched all over the place for a solution and can't find one...

      I need to run multiple vm's on each web tier server on port 80 but bound to different IP addresses. If I run jboss.bat --host=xx.xx.xx.xx it works like a charm and I have each instance in its own folder. I want to run as a service which I've been able to configure when JBoss only has 1 instance on a box. I'm using the apparent standard service JBossService.exe that I see posted everywhere and it's pretty reliable. Instead of --host since this is a service, I saw documentation that you can set the system property jboss.bind.address to an IP and it should do the trick. But when I install the service with -Djboss.bind.address, it is completely ignored and the logs show it binding to or all adapters. In any production environment, I'm assuming most folks would want to run as a service so I'm hoping it's just a lack of docs and not the fact that nobody is doing this :-)

      Thanks for reading and I would appreciate any guidance.