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    PHP5 & JBOSS

    David Joffrin Newbie


      I searched on the net, found a lot of articles about it... followed all the various one by one, tried a lot, but I am getting the famous error: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: no php5servlet.dll in java.library.path.

      Here is the steps I folllowed:
      1) Get PHP5 PECL and copy to jbossweb-tomcat50.sar the phpsrvlt jar file. I modified the content of reflect.properties and servlet.porperties to refer to the php5servlet.dll library.
      2) Copied to windows/system32 the php5servlet.dll and php5ts.dll.
      3) web.xml contains the following line:



      I modified my application to display the java.librara.path which lists (of course) c:/windows/system32 path.

      However, I am having the message just listed above.

      Any clue?
      Note that I have tried with the dll extension in the both property files, but still the same.

      Surprisingly, I did exactly the same steps (except keeping original name for the dll), and it did work perfectly!!!

      Thanks in advance.
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