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    URGENT Defining different SystemProperties per WebApplicatio

    Guido Deinhammer Newbie


      I am facing a problem with defining different system properties for 2 different instances of the same web application.

      In my deploy directory I have two extracted war files and the application expects a system property (accessed with System.getProperty()) to be set that holds a directory path and this must be different for the 2 applications.

      With tomcat I'm doing it like this:

      <Context path="/QA" .....>
       <Parameter name="streetstation.config.dir" value="U:\eRefFE\.." override="true"/>
      <Context path="/SR" .....>
       <Parameter name="streetstation.config.dir" value="V:\eRefFE\.." override="true"/>

      How can this be achieved with JBOSS? I tried with the properties-service.xml but I have not clue how to use different values for different applications.

      any help is greatly appreciated