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    how to config snmp adaptor to send trap

    Richard Yang Apprentice

      I searched jboss forum and documents. But I could not find any detailed info about how to set up snmp adaptor's notifications.xml in 4.0.1.

      Since we use sitescope to monitor production in our company, we want to use sitescope to monitor our own mbeans also. But sitescope does not support jboss application server at this time (it supports weblogic and some others, though). However, we probably can send a snmp trap to the sitescope to alert the production support that a major issue (such as a worker thread that an mbean monitors is dead). We always got these kind of production issues.

      So, we set up the sitescope to handle the trap. But I have no idea how to config the snmp adaptor on the jboss server side.

      In our mbean, we send out a custom notification (extends Notification class)

      Any help is appreciated.