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    xalan, xerces, xml-apis

    rziegler721 Newbie


      We have a web app that uses specific older versions of xalan.jar, xerces.jar, and xml-apis.jar. The jars reside inside our WAR under WEB-INF/lib, but with plain old Tomcat 4.1, we had to create an alternate common/endorsed location and leave the newer endorsed XML jars alone to get our app to work.

      I can't seem to get this to concept to work with JBoss 4.0 (with bundled Tomcat 5.0.28). I've tried overwriting the newer jars in lib/endorsed, putting the jars in lib/, setting a classpath, and creating alternate endorsed locations and referencing them at startup with -Djava.endorsed.dirs= but I still can't figure this thing out.

      Does anyone have any ideas?