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    Connection setting for internal and external access

    Marco Huber Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have a question about connecting the JBoss from an internal and external network.

      We have a JBoss 4.0.0 on a Linux system (kernel 2.4) with 2 network devices. Now we have computer in our internal network and computer, which should connect the JBoss via our firewall.

      The connections works. On the firewall there is a forward to the ports 1098, 1099 and 4444 (as described in the wiki).
      But now I have the problem that both, internal and external computers, uses the external ip addresses to connect to our server.
      As an example: Internal server ip is, external
      If I connect via firewall to jnp:// I get the connections to on the other prots.
      If I connect locally to jnp:// I get the connections to on the other ports.

      How I have to configure the JBoss server that internal trafic uses the internal ip address and external trafic uses the external ip address.