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    Can we switch the default ORB to a foreign one without affec

    qdotlu Newbie

      There is a situation that we would like to switch the JBoss default ORB to a 3rd party ORB implementation (the 3rd party ORB conforms to CORBA 2.3 specification also) by configuring the following 2 command line properties when starting up the JBoss AS:


      We don't know whether the transaction context and security context will be propagated as it used to be if the default server ORB is used. Please see the following simple diagram:

      RMI-IIOP (with foreign ORB)
      EJB1 in JBoss1 -------------------------------> EJB2 in JBoss2
      Transaction/Security Context??

      Could somebody confirm whether this will work or not?