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    Two NICs for redundancy,but JBoss only bind to one of them?


      How to configure JBoss so that at any time if one NIC can not be accessible, I can accecss JBoss by using the IP address bound to by anotherr NIC?

      If only one NIC installed on the machine with two IPs configured, how to configure JBoss so that only one IP address can be used to access JBoss?

      the case I met is the following:
      Two NICs are installed on the machine for dedundancy, but It seems that JBoss only bind to one of them. If I unplug a cable from one of the NICs that JBoss is bound to, the JBoss can not be accessed (but if I unplug the another NIC, the JBoss can be accessed).

      The issue is reported from my customer, it is urgent. Your help are very appreciated.

      Thanks for your help very much.