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    JBoss & Eclipse. "Core System Initialized"

    davide Benatti Newbie

      Hi to all, i'm using Eclipse 3.0.1 and JBoss 3.2.5. My JVM is 1.4.2_07 and my OS is MAC OS X 10.4.

      I've a serious problem. I wrote a simple tutorial program that compute the Fibonacci function and after that i've start JBoss server within Eclipse and all worked fine. From within my browser i insert a value and the program compute the Fibonacci function. For some unknown reason, now when i try to start JBoss Web Server, Eclipse switch Prespective from Java prespective to Debug prespective and the starting of the JBoss server stop. I didn't made changes to my configuration, same JVM, same JBoss ad Eclipse version. I've also tried to uninstall Eclipse and Jboss e reinstalled them but nothin to do.

      So, What's happening?

      Should i FORMAT to solve the problem?