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    Notes on Twiddle

    Ryan Ruebusch Newbie

      I'm fairly new to JBoss and I was trying to figure out how to administer JBoss via scripting. One word: twiddle. I did not find a lot of documentation or examples posted and for some reason I could not get it through my fat head. Anyhow, here's my explanation and a couple of examples:

      twiddle is the command line/scripting way to do everything you do in the jmx-console GUI.

      All you have to know is the syntax to communicate with a particular MBean. With twiddle you can get information about your server, query the server for MBeans, get the attributes of a particular MBean, invoke operations on an MBean, etc. Until I got used the various functions, I used the jmx-console to SEE the various domains, Mbeans and operations and then write the corresponding twiddle command for what I wanted to do.

      Here's some examples:

      Stop and Start an application
      ./twiddle.sh invoke jboss.web.deployment:id=-#######,war=your-app.war stop
      ./twiddle.sh invoke jboss.web.deployment:id=-#######,war=your-app.war start
      Note: ####### is unique to your environment

      Dump the JNDI NameSpace
      ./twiddle.sh invoke jboss:service=JNDIView list true

      Query the server for a list of MBeans matching service=invoker*
      ./twiddle.sh -s your-server-name query 'jboss:service=invoker,*'

      Grab the state (started, stopped) of the httpInvoker
      ./twiddle.sh get jboss:service=invoker,type=http StateString

      Ryan Ruebusch