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    integrating custom mbean to override url resource-ref

    Mark Lybarger Apprentice

      we're looking for a way to manage our configuration outside of our application. specifically, when we get a URL resource reference, we're currently configuring the value of the URL in the jboss-web.xml.

      i think this requires us to "touch" the ear/war if we want to change the value of the url the app looks up. if it's possible to configure these outside of changing the jboss-web.xml by default, please let me know.

      one solution that was proposed was to create a custom mbean in jboss to provide the values to jndi. looking over the example at: http://www.huihoo.com/jboss/online_manual/3.0/ch13s26.html, it seems fairly trivial to provide a service which injects stuff into jndi, stuff that's configured in the jboss-service.xml (outside of app).

      One question i have with example solution is weather a java.net.URL resource-ref definition will still be handled by the jboss-web.xml, or will it be handled by our CustomURLResourceManager? Will our web application have to use environment entries if using a CustomURLResourceManager that is a custom mbean injecting stuff into jndi?

      any thought and suggestions would be most welcome.