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    Dependent EAR's deployment

    Calin Pavel Newbie

      During the development time I want to use the unified classloading mechanism and I have 2 EAR's, lets say EAR_A and EAR_B.
      The EAR_A contains some ejbs that are using some services (ejbs) from EAR_B.

      If I try to start the JBoss (4.0.0), deploy EAR_B and EAR_A everything is ok.
      But if I try to start JBoss with those two EARs already deployed, the deployment mechanism tries to deploy first (suppose alphabetically) EAR_A and this can not be performed because EAR_B is not present.

      Do you have any idea what can be done in such situations ? Is it there any possibility to change the order of deployment to a custom one?

      Thank you,