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    JBoss Hot Deploy

    Monkey Den Newbie

      Can someone point me to a thread that will tell me what I need to do to get Hot Deploy to work in JBoss-IDE on an exploded war file? I have seen some mention of it but still have questions. Namely, does it require the eclipse JDTCompilerAdapter (using ant for builds)? JBoss 4 is started in debug mode. Are there any other config tasks to get it to work?


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          Darryl Miles Novice


          "kylewburke" wrote:
          Can someone point me to a thread that will tell me what I need to do to get Hot Deploy to work in JBoss-IDE on an exploded war file?

          And me. How to work with exploded EAR/WAR (maybe even HAR) in order to speed up the development/testing cycle.


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            Monkey Den Newbie

            I wanted to post an ammendment. I may be misunderstanding how this works in JBoss. Is it required that the code be put into the JBoss deployment directory? I know at least one other container that uses the classloader to swap out code at runtime (so you change your code in Eclipse and its swapped right then and there). This was the reason for Eclipse's JDTCompilerAdapter, during builds. I'm guessing that this isnt the case with JBoss.

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              Darryl Miles Novice

              If its just WARs you are developing, I've settled on developing my WARs with Eclipse + WTP + Tomcat (outside of JBoss) as this integrration works for me. This is where Tomcat is started from Eclipse, this gives a certain amount of intuative development freedom that on the outside looks like dynamic .class reloading you are describing. I can debug / edit my source and just reload my HTML browser for most changes to kick in.

              Sometimes (twice a day) Eclipse throws a leg out of bed, but thats what I expect right now from 3.1M series. But its still very productive to work with YMMV.

              At this time Eclipse 3.1 + WTP + JBoss-IDE + Lomboz is in such a state of flux due to the excellent progress being made in all areas of integration. I can see it being a good 6 months more before things start to settle down.

              If you want to go back in time a bit (Nov 2004 - Jan 2005) I believe you can setup a mix of 3.0, JBossIDE and lomboz but I've not seen any hot class reloading in examples I've tried seen deployment assistance. This whole approach is also set to become obsolete with WTP stabalization.

              I believe what I'm doing with tomcat is also possible with JBoss somehow (or at least is my understanding of the vision of where the tools are going). I've resigned to the fact its just too early to expect things to be working right now.

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                Daniel Salhany Newbie

                I use jboss with eclipse and would highly recommend using the exploded war format for deploying during development.

                So eclipse does all the compile/building for you, and changes I make to any jsp, java file in either the war or ejb are deployed instantly (no wait time at all). Plus no ant scripts for building or deployment at all!

                I have 2 projects 1 war, 1 ejb. Each project has a folder called 'deploy' with explode war/jar directories under them.

                I configure jboss to use these folders as additional deploy directories.

                I configure eclipse to compile all classes in the exploded war to WEB-INF/classes directory, and all classes in the exploded jar to its root (myejb.jar).

                That's it, you are basically working with your deployed files.