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    Integrating QuickFix and JBoss

    Raman Kannan Newbie

      Here is a summary of my experience and findings integrating
      QuickFix as an MBean in JBOSS

      JBOSS 4.0.2
      java 1.4.2.XX
      Windows XP Platform

      QuickFix is JNI Based java interface.
      Requires a dll and some static config files.

      QuickFIX and JBoss Integration Findings
      Accessing dll and libs
      Place the dll and lib file in jbosshome/server/default/lib where default is the
      configuration in which I run my jboss.
      Also modify the run bat file in jbosshome/bin directory to

      rem Setup JBoss specific properties RK added the java.library.path
      set JAVA_OPTS=%JAVA_OPTS% -Dprogram.name=%PROGNAME% -Djava.library.path=%DIRNAME%\..\server\default\lib;

      Locate "set JAVA_OPTS" and add -Djava.library.pah to where you choose to place
      dll and lib files.
      Accessing Static Files
      such as cfg files for quickfix and spec files
      -------------method 2 -- not useful for QuickFix as it needs FileInputStream
      void take2(String configFile)
      try {
      System.err.println ("begin take2::");
      InputStream in = Thread.currentThread().
      getContextClassLoader().getResourceAsStream( configFile);
      BufferedInputStream bis = new BufferedInputStream(in) ;
      StringBuffer sbuf = new StringBuffer() ;
      int ch=0;
      while ( ( ch=bis.read()) != -1 )
      sbuf.append((char) ch);
      System.err.println (sbuf);
      System.err.println ("end take2::");
      catch(Exception ex) { ex.printStackTrace() ; }
      // recommended by Adrian at JBoss in an article.
      ------------------method ---------using System.properties ? this works for me?
      FileInputStream getFileInputStream(String configFile)
      FileInputStream fis =null;

      String jbosshome = System.getProperty("jboss.server.home.dir");
      if (jbosshome != null) {
      // returns server/config[default/all]
      // I have placed the cfg file in jboss-4.0.2/server/default/conf
      // jboss-4.0.2/server/default comes out as jbosshome
      // I add conf so cfg files do not clutter out the JBossHome directory
      String filename = jbosshome + File.separator + "conf"+File.separator+ configFile ;
      try {
      return new FileInputStream(filename) ;
      catch(Exception ex){log.error(filename+" file not found "+ex.toString());}
      return fis;

      -----------------------method 3 -- does not work for me yet...
      Class c = this.getClass();
      URL url = c.getResource(configFile);
      File f = new File(new URI(url.toString()));
      FileInputStream fis = new FileInputStream(f) ;
      //The cfg file must reside in the same jar or archive as the class C
      //I get an exception "URI not Hierarchical"

      (1) the file should be named exactly as jboss-service.xml
      (2) the file must be located in META-INF
      (3) The contents of the file should look like

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

      <classpath codebase="lib" archives="fixservice.jar, quickfix.jar" />
      <mbean code="com.fmcp.fixservice.FIXService" name="fmcp.com:service=FIXService">
      <attribute name="JNDIName">java:/FIXService</attribute>
      <attribute name="configFile">fixservice.cfg</attribute>
      <attribute name="senderCompID">FMCP</attribute>
      <attribute name="senderSubCompID">FMCPSUB</attribute>
      <attribute name="targetCompID">LTS</attribute>
      <attribute name="targetSubCompID">LTSSUB</attribute>
      <attribute name="beginString">FIX.4.2</attribute>

      --------------end general mbean observation
      // MBean setup
      Three different things are required to get it deployed
      jboss-service.xml in META-INF as shown above in a sar file

      MBean interface as shown below. The interface must be named XXXMBean
      MBean interface implementation following that.
      By changing the name to other unique strings you can have more than one
      mbean in one JBoss
      For each attribute you should have appropriate get and set methods
      --- I am including my MBean interface and signature for the implementation

      import javax.naming.NamingException;
      import org.jboss.system.ServiceMBean;

      public interface FIXServiceMBean extends org.jboss.system.ServiceMBean
      {// XXXMBean where XXX --> FIXService

      public String getJNDIName();
      public void setJNDIName(String jndiName) throws NamingException;
      public String getconfigFile () ; // returns the file specified in jndi
      public void setconfigFile(String v) ;
      // all msgs going out of this server will carry this cid for tag 49
      public String getsenderCompID() ; // returns as specified in jndi [RSSJ]
      public void setsenderCompID(String v) ;
      public String getsenderSubCompID() ; // RSSJ Tag 50
      public void setsenderSubCompID(String v) ;
      public String gettargetCompID() ; // RSSJ Tag 56
      public void settargetCompID(String v) ;
      public String gettargetSubCompID() ; // RSSJ Tag 57
      public void settargetSubCompID(String v) ;

      public String getbeginString() ; // returns as specified in jndi RSSJ
      public void setbeginString(String v) ;

      // note the method name is get/set appended to the attribute name defined in
      // jboss-service.xml
      // if you do not wish jmx to be able to read or write leave out get or set method
      mbean skeleton implementation
      public class FIXService extends org.jboss.system.ServiceMBeanSupport implements FIXServiceMBean
      // I have used most of what mike had posted in SourceForge
      // you may want to do the same article reference provided below
      --------------SAR FILE ----
      (you can create a sar file with jar cvf command and rename it to sar)
      jar cvf <jarfile.jar> ant-build-dir/META-INF com *.jar *.dll *.lib
      rename jarfile.jar sarfile.sar
      (sar files Service Archives are HOT-DEPLOYABLE in JBOSS ...
      when a sar file is moved into deploy file the MBean is loaded)
      ----------References that I used for code samples, guidance and self checking and consultation
      http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.finance.quickfix.user/168# [matt]
      http://article.gmane.org/gmane.comp.finance.quickfix.devel/731 [patrick]
      http://sourceforge.net/mailarchive/forum.php?forum_id=103&thread_id=7019969 [mike]
      ----------Current Status of my project
      MBean is loaded and says connected and then the whole jboss exits. No further information is
      available. No output nothing. No exception. Just exits. I think I saw a posting to the effect
      before. I have to search.
      The CP (executor) does not report any connection activity.
      The stack is built on a package which I have tested outside MBean. So this new behavior
      of abrupt exit is not due to QF but JBoss/QF integration.
      ------------QF Recommendation 2 QF
      --pure java implementation of QF
      -- make settings settable one attribute at a time so Settings can be created from jboss-service.xml
      -- by JMX
      -- Settings goes through State Matrix... uninitialized -- initialization in progress - init completed
      All this information compiled over the past 4 weeks submitted in earnest to reduce similar work
      May or may not work in your environment. No warranties implied or otherwise.
      All the details are here and I will try to help <<<<WHEN I CAN>>>> if there are doubts