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    Plans for GWTJSF

    Nick Vintila Newbie


      I am interested to use GWT with Seam and JSF/RichFaces.

      So far I use Seam and RichFaces and would like to combine this with GQuery (GWT equivalent for jQuery). The combination between the three programming models would be very powerful, imho.

      I am aware of the developments behind GWTJSF by Rob Jellinghaus.

      Read http://www.theserverside.com/tt/articles/article.tss?l=GWTandJSF by Sergey and http://unrealities.com/seamgwt/article_0.2.html.
      I also see this GWT extension is present in the RichFaces repo even on trunk.
      But it is not built as an artifact so it not ready to use.

      I would very much appreciate advice on the plans you have for this extension.
      Insights into motivation behind those plans would be just great.

      A timely response is of essence because of some architectural decisions pending for a large Canadian HR consulting firm.