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    JBoss + Hibernate + SOFIA

    Colin Payne Newbie


      I have a technical issue which I hope can be resolved without too much grief. My system looks like:

      Solaris 8/SPARC
      JBoss 4.0.1
      SOFIA 2.3
      Hibernate 2.18

      Basically, I've set up an Oracle datasource in JBoss, which works perfectly. I've created a .har file with a hibernate-service.xml file and deployed it with my Hibernate classes, this is also fine. My problem is that SOFIA wants to configure hibernate with a hibernate.cfg.xml file (which I'm not using, I'd rather use the hibernate-service.xml style), OR a SessionFactory class. I was hoping I could use org.jboss.hibernate.session.HibernateContext as that class, but that did not work (ClassCastException). My question is - is there a JBoss class I should be using as a SessionFactory class instead? I've been looking through the javadocs and can't seem to find anything. The problem is that the JBoss + Hibernate style I'd like to use only has a JNDI session factory name available for configuration, which SOFIA doesn't know about or recognize. I could modify the SOFIA source to change this behaviour, but that's really a last resort.

      Am I missing something obvious here, or am I expecting too much? Has anyone been able to get JBoss + Hibernate/har file + SOFIA working?

      Thanks in advance,

      Colin Payne
      Calgary, AB, Canada