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    jboss stops responding due to Out of Memory error

    sahana krishnamurthy Newbie

      Hi ,
      I have an application running on jboss.But the jboss seems to stop responding after 2 days of running continously throwing an out of memory error.
      For the same i increased memory to 512 Mb as follows
      java $HOTSPOT $JAXP -Xms128m -Xmx256m -classpath $JBOSS_CLASSPATH org.jboss.Main $@

      Also increased the number of system threads by changing file jboss-service.xml in jboss-4.0.1\server\default\conf\
      i set the MaximumPoolSize(number of threads in pool) to 25 from 10

      Is there anything else i can do to avoid jboss going to non responding state?