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    Distributed Transactions Configuration (JOTM, Tyrex)

    marcus spiegel Newbie

      Is there somewhere a complete HOWTO for integration of JOTM
      or Tyrex in JBoss 4.xx?

      I found some short discussions in the forum, mainly related to
      JBoss 3.x, but which dont bring me (jboss beginner) further.

      Can someone give me some information or point me to a
      helpful resource?


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          Florian Steinsiepe Newbie

          I found that there is the source code of the tyrex plugin within the varia folder of the source distribution (currently using 4.0.1 SP1). But this source code doesn't compile, and the source code of the TransactionManagerServiceMBean is missing in the source distribution too (luckily, it's in the jboss-transaction.jar)!

          org\jboss\tm\plugins\tyrex\TransactionManagerService.java:48: cannot resolve symbol
          symbol : class TransactionManagerServiceMBean
          location: class org.jboss.tm.plugins.tyrex.TransactionManagerService
           implements TransactionManagerServiceMBean, ObjectFactory
          org\jboss\tm\plugins\tyrex\TransactionManagerService.java:84: cannot resolve symbol
          symbol : variable OBJECT_NAME
          location: class org.jboss.tm.plugins.tyrex.TransactionManagerService
           return OBJECT_NAME;
          2 errors

          Any help would be appreciated!