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    Can't get a4j and rich on JBossAS5

    Wolfgang Giersche Newbie

      Hi Guys,

      I am using JBoss 4.2.2 in my lectures (see: www.hsr.ch) on JEE. I want to create a new, cooler App with state of the art technology.
      Only I consistently fail to identify any working combination of
      JDK5 or 6, JBossAS5, Richfaces, and Ajax4Jsf.
      I had dozens of trials and keep ending up with ClassCastExceptions with Xerces classes, or EL Linkage Errors, or whatever else. Tried Katz's Apps from the Apress site, they won't work on anything but Tomcat either.
      Could anyone provide a single working combination?
      Preferredly, that would include JDK6 and JBossAS5. No problem with minor bugs or so. I'd be happy if it would startup and provide some basic features.

      Thanks a lot in advance