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    asaf sh Expert


      Just wanted to say congratulations with the partnership with Exadel :)

      I'm pretty sure it'll do a big change and from first view it works perfectly with Seam and Jboss,

      Congrats again!

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          Lisa Mark Newbie

          ditto !!

          Hatsoff to Exadel and Jboss

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            Garett Harnish Newbie

            If I was more skilled with words, I'd express how happy the open source release of RichFaces has made me in eloquent proses. Instead, a simple Thank You will have to suffice. I'd also like to thank Sergey specifically for all the time he's taken to reply to requests for help on Ajax4JSF mailing list (and on this forum already) ... and for his HtmLib taglib that I used when I was first starting out with JSF. Without it, I would have given up on JSF before learning its wonders.

            Congratulations to both Exadel and Jboss, and I hope this partnership will lead to many good things.