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    Exceptions thrown to console causing Memory Leak

    Bob OMalley Newbie

      We're using JBoss 4.0.1 in a Windows 2003 environment and have a slow leak. JBoss is installed as a service. Using the -Xloggc switch when installing the service, we get garbage collection logs. In the course of 3-5 days, the logs show memory can no longer be collected and maxes out at the 1gb that we allocate to the jvm through the -Xmx1024m startup switch.

      In another scenerio, we've tried JBoss clustering and it maxed out memory within 8 minutes! An answer in the Clustering forum implies that throwing exceptions to the console (in that case wordy NotSerializableExceptions) can cause memory to be leaked.

      If lots of console messages can leak 900 meg of memory in 8 minutes, then a smaller stream of messages might leak that much memory in 3-5 days.

      Our NT service installer has -out and -err switches which enable console output to be logged to files.

      Does logging info to the Console window cause memory leaks ? Could it be caused by the NT service installer we use ? I'm trying to track the service installer's origin. Or is this a general condition ?