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    JBoss starting problem

    Marcos Ferreira Newbie

      Hi, guys!

      After I tried to find a solution to my problem at Beginners thread, i've come here to try for another kind of help.

      I've downloaded and installed JBoss 3.2.7 and i'm having problems when trying to execute it for a second time, or even a third time.

      There was something wrong with ports 1098 and 4444 only, which were linked to binds done by JBoss. I've firewall client (ISA client) and trend micro antivirus client running.

      There is no other app running on these port. I've looked for.

      What's is strange is that if i remove the network cable from the machine, JBoss works correctly, showing no problems.

      Is there anyone who knows what could be the solution for this problem?

      I've no problem with my personal machine who is on a network too.