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    deployment issue in 4.0.2 for multiple sar

    Richard Yang Apprentice

      In jboss 4.0.2, I got class loader not found error when I tried to deploy multiple sars. I have A.sar which needs classes contained in B.sar. A.sar also contains mbeans that depends on services defined in B.sar. However, when jboss is started, A.sar is loaded first and it could not find needed classes and it just gave up. I would expect that A.sar deployment should wait until all other sars are deployed.

      I don't have classloader repository defined for A.sar and B.sar. So I assume they use the same default class loader repository.

      This was not a problem in 3.05, if I remeber correlty.

      Can anyone shed some light on me? Is there any walk around?