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    Running JBoss on two separate servers: app server and web se

    Derek Shanks Newbie

      I have successfully installed and configured JBoss on a single server to run a J2EE application with a JSP front-end. However, I am now trying to get the system running with a separate Web Server and Application Server (both Sun Solaris 9). I have had several problems trying to get this configuration up and running.

      I am deploying a .war on the Web Server and a .ear on the Application Server. The application uses JMS, JAAS Security and XA. I have pointed the jndi.properties on the Web Server at the Application Server (port 1099) so that it does look-ups on the Application Server.

      JBoss starts up successfully on the Application Server.

      JBoss will not start up on the Web Server. I get several NameAlreadyBoundExceptions. I have tried deleting services from the jboss-service.xml file on the Web Server and this removed these exceptions, but I then get errors from JBoss about "INIT_WAITING_DEPLOYER".

      I'm very new to JBoss and cannot find anything on these Forums about running this kind of configuration. Is it actually possible to run JBoss on two separate machines, with one acting as a Web Server and the other as an Appliction Server? If so, what configuration do I need to carry out?