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    the order of classpaths

    Op Sakiya Newbie

      I'm running web applications in 'all' configuration, and trying to give each of them their own classloader by configuring the jboss-web.xml as follows:


      Right after put these in, I got a bunch of errors. They all seem to be jar conflicts. I have many apache 's commons-* jar in my /WEB-INF/lib, though. I wasn't changing anything in jboss/lib or jboss/server/all/lib. They all now confuse me very much. Maybe somebody here can explain to me what classpath my app will go through and in what order with the jboss-web.xml configuration above. And, what is difference if I set java2ParentDelegation to true.

      1. WEB-INF/lib/*
      2. ....
      3. .....

      Thank you very much.