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    EAR Deployment freezing on AS Startup

    Darren Jensen Newbie

      I have a simple EAR that contains a WAR and a HAR. All files are jarred.

      When I start JBoss AS with the EAR deployed, the deployment freezes at:

      2005-07-06 08:48:46,392 INFO [org.hibernate.cfg.Configuration] Found mapping documents in jar: com/ge/tax/cn/taxportal/business/User.hbm.xml

      and the AS never does complete startup.

      If I start JBoss AS without the EAR deployed, then AS starts normally. Then, if I deploy the EAR, it completely deploys as expected.

      The line of log code that is entered on a complete deploy is:

      2005-07-06 08:36:44,342 INFO [org.hibernate.cfg.HbmBinder] Mapping class: com.ge.tax.cn.taxportal.business.User -> tcn_users

      AS: 4.0.2
      JVM: jdk1.5.0_02

      Any ideas on why this may be freezing?