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    Running multiple JBoss copies to simulate Oracle 10gAS in pr

    Greg Newbie

      Hi all,

      We're planning the architecture for the next phase of business services development.

      We currently only have 1 web app running in 10gAS. I want to see if we can give JBoss a good shot at being chosen for the server.

      In the next phase we'll have at least 3 apps, and the issue of JVM isolation seems to be important to the people who will be managing the systems.

      In 10gAS, you can stop/start each container without affecting the other containers.

      What's the equivalent for JBoss, running on Solaris?

      I've had experience on Windows with running multiple .ear's inside a single JBoss version, and had experience with hot deploy/undeploy.

      Is this the best way, or does having multiple JBoss copies, each configured to use different ports better?