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    Apache Lenya/ Cocoon

    Rodrigo Lopes Newbie


      I am working on the implantation of the CMS Apache
      Lenya. My target platform is a HP-UX running JBoss.
      But, back to the JBoss world, I have seen a complaint
      that nowadays makes a lot of sense to me...To install
      the Apache Cocoon in JBoss one must change the lib
      directory of the Application Server. To install a
      database pool it is also necessary to change the lib,
      and so on and so forth. This is not a pretty thing. I
      am forced to stop the Production application Server in
      order to install a new functionality!!!

      Do you know any elegant way to install the Apache
      Cocoon (or any other framework which has problems with
      the Jboss Classloader) or are we supposed to live with
      this JBoss problem???