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    Retries exceeded, couldn't reconnect to

    Anthony Geaitani Newbie

      Today I tried running JBoss and it generated this error:

      "Depends On Me: java.lang.Exception: Cannot bind transaction factory in CORBA naming service:
      org.omg.CORBA.TRANSIENT: Retries exceeded, couldn't reconnect to vmcid: 0x0 minor code: 0 completed: No"

      Could some please explain why?

      Brief Description of the router:
      I have a cable modem connected to my DI-704UP router, where my computer is connected to port 1.

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          Anthony Geaitani Newbie

          Move info, I am running this is on Windows 2000 Professional.

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            Anthony Geaitani Newbie

            This is the list of process with connections and ports:

            CCAPP.EXE:2056 TCP ge-1:1038 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            explorer.exe:1332 UDP ge-1:1068 *:*
            IEXPLORE.EXE:2980 UDP ge-1:2017 *:*
            IEXPLORE.EXE:2980 TCP ge-1:2022 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            IEXPLORE.EXE:2980 TCP ge-1:2022 server00.en25.com:http ESTABLISHED
            java.exe:3060 TCP ge-1:1098 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            java.exe:3060 TCP ge-1:1099 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            java.exe:3060 TCP ge-1:4444 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            java.exe:3060 TCP ge-1:4445 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            java.exe:3060 TCP ge-1:8083 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            java.exe:3060 TCP ge-1:8080 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            java.exe:3060 TCP ge-1:3528 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            java.exe:3060 TCP ge-1:8093 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            java.exe:3060 TCP ge-1:8009 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            LSASS.EXE:244 UDP ge-1:isakmp *:*
            LSASS.EXE:244 UDP ge-1:4500 *:*
            mqsvc.exe:1752 TCP ge-1:1035 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            mqsvc.exe:1752 TCP ge-1:1801 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            mqsvc.exe:1752 TCP ge-1:2103 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            mqsvc.exe:1752 TCP ge-1:2105 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            mqsvc.exe:1752 TCP ge-1:2107 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            mqsvc.exe:1752 UDP ge-1:1034 *:*
            mqsvc.exe:1752 UDP ge-1:3527 *:*
            msdtc.exe:1580 TCP ge-1:1032 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            msdtc.exe:1580 TCP ge-1:3372 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            mstask.exe:988 TCP ge-1:1029 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            point32.exe:1816 TCP ge-1:1055 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            SNMP.EXE:1168 UDP ge-1:snmp *:*
            svchost.exe:496 TCP ge-1:epmap ge-1:0 LISTENING
            svchost.exe:604 UDP ge-1:router *:*
            System:8 TCP ge-1:2024 colo-br-02.atl.jboss.com:http TIME_WAIT
            System:8 TCP ge-1:2027 dc1e5dnl03.digitalriver.com:http TIME_WAIT
            System:8 TCP ge-1:2023 colo-br-02.atl.jboss.com:http TIME_WAIT
            System:8 TCP ge-1:microsoft-ds ge-1:0 LISTENING
            System:8 TCP ge-1:1039 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            System:8 TCP ge-1:netbios-ssn ge-1:0 LISTENING
            System:8 UDP ge-1:microsoft-ds *:*
            System:8 UDP ge-1:netbios-ns *:*
            System:8 UDP ge-1:netbios-dgm *:*
            tcpsvcs.exe:1116 TCP ge-1:echo ge-1:0 LISTENING
            tcpsvcs.exe:1116 TCP ge-1:discard ge-1:0 LISTENING
            tcpsvcs.exe:1116 TCP ge-1:daytime ge-1:0 LISTENING
            tcpsvcs.exe:1116 TCP ge-1:qotd ge-1:0 LISTENING
            tcpsvcs.exe:1116 TCP ge-1:chargen ge-1:0 LISTENING
            tcpsvcs.exe:1116 UDP ge-1:echo *:*
            tcpsvcs.exe:1116 UDP ge-1:discard *:*
            tcpsvcs.exe:1116 UDP ge-1:daytime *:*
            tcpsvcs.exe:1116 UDP ge-1:qotd *:*
            tcpsvcs.exe:1116 UDP ge-1:chargen *:*
            type32.exe:1640 TCP ge-1:1054 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            vppdc.exe:972 TCP ge-1:1566 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            vppdc.exe:972 TCP ge-1:1808 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            vppdc.exe:972 TCP ge-1:1809 ge-1:0 LISTENING
            WCESCOMM.EXE:2116 TCP ge-1:5679 ge-1:0 LISTENING