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    jboss 3.2.4 conversion

    simon Newbie


      yes I know this is an old version - I'm trying to update this company to 4.0.X. I have a war file containing jsp pages, ths deploys and runs perfectly under 3.2.3 (embedded Tomcat 4.1) . When I deploy it under 3.2.4 (embedded Tomcat 5.0) the banner pages are mangled by Tomcat (it repeats the banner twice then aborts the splash page). I have similar issues getting Webdav wars that work fine under 3.2.3 to work under 3.2.4 - (I had similar probems with running them in 4.0 and 3.2.6 so started walking up the version tree instead)

      I have found some references in web articles to the server.xml being different between these two versions of Tomcat but cant find a server.xml in 3.2.3 and so suspect that this article refers to the stnadalong version of Tomcat rather than the embedded version.

      Does anyone have any guidance or useful links to converting 3.2.3 apps to 3.2.4 ?