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    accessing a web app in jboss

    Paul Goepfert Newbie

      I have written a web app and placed it in the $JBOSS_HOME/default/deploy directory. I am not sure how to access the web app after I place it in the deploy directory. I have been using tomcat as my webserver and I am somewhat new to jboss. So if anyone can help me let me know


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          Christian Aßfalg Newbie

          By default, this should be server-name:8080/ServletName
          For Example localhost:8080/Fibo/ for the Tutorial

          But I think you can change that with some config Files, which I assume you haven't done.

          You can also see what the web-console tells you. Try localhost:8080/web-console/ and have a look at Monitor, Web Status, Full Status. There's a list of all web-mappings a bit further down.