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    Dynamically change the content of a rich:tab

    Dmitry Pinaev Newbie

      Hi there,

      Is there any way to dynamically chenge the content of a tab of a rich:tabPanel component? Say, I have a set of tabs and an h:form on one of the tabs which is backed by a bean. After the form is submitted (an action on the bean is performed), is there any way to change to content of the tab and give the user a message, e.g. the form has been successfully submitted?

      A good example would be a "contact us" form, where the user would enter their name and comment, and then submit the form for processing. It'd be nice to let the user know that the form has been submitted successfully or if there has been an error.

      Similarly, some tabs may not show all the contents until the user logs in. Once the user would log in, the application would reveal additional content to the user.

      The above might be excellent examples of using RichFaces library.