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    referencing jar-file for WAR-file in EAR-file problem

    Maarten Roosendaal Newbie


      I have a problem when deploying my ear on JBoss. My ear is structured as follows:


      When i deploy the ear on JBoss (4.0.2) the war file can't find any
      of the JSF classes (ClassNotFoundExceptions) from the APP-INF lib folder i configured in my web.xml. When i put them in a lib in the WEB-INF folder there is no problem. I know it should work because we did the same thing on the last project, but i'm not sure what i'm doing wrong. Does this have to do with the JBoss EAR-Classloader? How can i make my war-file find the jar-files in the APP-INF folder in the ear-file?