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    4.0.2 throws ClassNotFound : org.apache.commons.collections.

    Sandeep Dixit Newbie

      I looked into 4.0.1 jar-versions. It refers to <jar name="commons-collections.jar" specVersion="2.1" specVendor="Apache Software Foundation" specTitle="JBoss" implVersion="2.1" implVendor="Apache Software Foundation" implTitle="JBoss [Zion]" implVendorID="http://www.jboss.org/" implURL="http://www.jboss.org/" sealed="false" md5Digest="a97ddbc418125b88d7ad4331d156c941" />

      The 4.0.2 jar-versions.xml doesn't. Is this why I am getting
      ClassNotFound org.apache.commons.collections.StringStack exception while running an application that is using JetSpeed 1.43. How do I resolve this error?