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    Snapshots can't be created...

    Shahul Hameed Newbie

      Am using jboss 4.0.2 and trying to create a snapshot view of a jmx attribute so that I get relevant details when I click the snapshot link in the applet tree of jboss web-console. Presently the link is numb for my installation. I explored in the jboss-service.xml(inside default/conf directory and tried in other modes too...) to uncomment the following lines...
      (excerpt of jboss-service.xml)
      <!-- Uncomment to enable JMX monitoring of the bean cache

      <!-- Uncomment to enable JMX monitoring of the entity bean locking

      I tried uncommenting those lines so as to monitor the JMX and hence to create the snapshot. But it doesnt seems to work.

      I also found that there is no folder named snapshots inside the directory structure <jboss.home>/server/default/deploy/management.

      Can anyone please tell me what am I missing out and suggest me in overcoming this situation.