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    HSQLDB JDBC driver not found in SUSE Linux 8.1 installation

    Jack Swan Newbie

      When starting up JBoss in SUSE Linux 8.1 the logging shows the following error:

      10:32:04,472 INFO [STDOUT] DriverManager.getDriver("jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost:1701")
      10:32:04,473 INFO [STDOUT] DriverManager.initialize: jdbc.drivers = null
      10:32:04,473 INFO [STDOUT] JDBC DriverManager initialized
      10:32:04,473 INFO [STDOUT] getDriver: no suitable driver
      10:32:04,474 INFO [STDOUT] java.sql.SQLException: No suitable driver

      I am not entirely sure that the HSQLDB jars in the classpath, but I would expect the shell scripts out of the box to have performed this step correctly.

      We don't have this problem in Windows. Is there some operating system specific configuration on HSQLDB that we must perform to get this to work correctly?